Hair On The Go


Hair can be a significant barrier when it comes to fitness. As a woman of color in particular, our hair is significantly impacted by humidity. It is so easy to ditch fitness altogether when a thirty minute work –out means that you’ll be spending three hours trying to straighten your hair back to its original style. The best way to be consistent with your work – outs is to find an easy low maintenance hair style. So whether you have, curly, straight or short hair, find a low maintenance style that works with your hair texture and lifestyle.  Take into consideration, the type of work that you do? Do you work in a conservative or trendy environment? Here are 5 hair on the go tips that work with fitness:

  1. Go Natural – Natural styles are typically a little more forgiving when it comes to humidity. Twists, rods sets and natural curls are just some examples of natural hair styles that are low maintenance. Sweat and humidity lends to frizz and swelling and these styles are often enhanced when your hair is full. So you can sweat and still look great! Bushy hair don’t care! 
  2. Get Braids or a Crochet Style – Either style is great because your hair is not out and not affected by humidity. Braids require little to no maintenance, you can literally get up and go with most braided styles. Crochet styles may require more maintenance and this is usually determined by the type of hair that you’re using. Opt for twists or tight curls if you’re going with a crochet style. Another benefit of the crochet style is that you’re wearing braids under cover.  This is great option if you have a conservative job where braids may not be accepted. 
  3. Get Wiggy with it’! Wigs are widely acceptable now, it’s what’s trending! Wearing a wig can mean zero maintenece since you can just put it on and go! You can place a scarf on your hair while you’re working out and put the wig back on after your work out OR work out in style by keeping it on your head. The problem with that is you’ll probably get real hot!
  4. Go Short – Halle Berry is back! The style that is… short cropped hair means lower maintenance you can cut your styling time in half by wearing a short style.
  5. Pull it up! – If you are wearing long hair you can pull your hair up or back to accommodate the humidity. High buns or low pony tails can still look professional in the work place. The best way to make this work is by identifying days in your schedule when you don’t have meetings or when you have casual days.

Remember that when it comes to Fitness consistency is key! If your hair serves as a barrier then find a low maintenance style that works for you!