Grown Up Christmas Wish List 2019 – The List

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First Last Age Sex Wish Item Status
1 PEARL J 80 F Throw (Queen Size); Gown (L); Robe Set (L); Bath Towels CLAIMED
2 CASSANDRA G 60 F Jogging Suit (L); Socks (L); Bed Blanket (Queen) CLAIMED
3 MARJORIE M 88 F Front Button Sweater (L); Neck Scarf; Pajamas (L) CLAIMED
4 Karen M. 65 F Robe; Gown; Throw; Socks; Bed Blanket (Queen)
5 FRANK S 65 M Jogging Suit (L); Pajamas (L); House Shoes (Sz 10); Socks CLAIMED
6 JAMES L 90 M Pajama Set (XL); Front Button Sweater (XL); Knit Cap and Gloves Set CLAIMED
7 Lenora G 69 F Jogging Suit (XL); Gown (XL); Robe (XL); Plastic 4 Piece Dish Set
8 Debbie U 62 F Throw (Queen Size); Gown (XL); Robe (XL); Word Puzzle Books (Large Print)
9 EILEEN H 90 F Jogging Suit (L); Button Front Sweaters (L); Towels CLAIMED
10 WINNIE MAE H 83 F Jogging Suit (XL); Throw (Queen); Bath Towels CLAIMED
11 MINNIE MAE S 83 F Jogging Suit (L); Throw (Queen); Bath Towels CLAIMED
12 Veadie H 65 F Throw (Queen); Gown (M); Robe (M); Bath Towels
13 Henry P. 71 M Comforter (King); Baseball Cap
14 LAVERNE J 69 F Throw/Blanket; Hat; Gloves CLAIMED
15 JOHN J 73 M Blanket (Twin); Sheets (Twin) CLAIMED
16 THELMA M 89 F Throw/Blanket; Sweater (S) CLAIMED
17 Charles M. 63 M Air Mattress (Twin)
18 Wray L. 59 M Blanket (Twin); Hat; Socks
19 Vivian D. 60 F Blanket (Twin); Electric Blanket  CLAIMED
20 WC H 69 M T-Shirts (L); Socks; Hat CLAIMED
21 NANCY S. 73 F Wash Cloths (White); Pillow Cases/Slips (White); Diabetes Socks (White) CLAIMED
22 Larry M 60 M Jogging Suit (2X-Tall); Hat; Gloves
23 Tommy J 65 F Pajama Set (L); Electric Blanket; House Dress (L)
24 Barbara D 80 F Pajama Set (L); Electric Blanket; House Dress (L)
25 Susan S 81 F House Dress (XL); Electric Blanket; Pajama Set (XL)
26 PRICILLA M 81 F Pajama Set (Small); House Coat CLAIMED
27 Daisy W 80 F Pajama Set (3X); Electric Blanket; Gloves; Hat
28 Dennis S. 66 M Memphis Grizzlies Sweat Pants (XL); Memphis Grizzlies Hat, Throw/Blanket
29 PAUL S 82 M Scarf Set; Throws/Blankets; Space Heater CLAIMED
30 FORD N 94 M Clock; Socks; Sleepwear (XL) CLAIMED
31 BEATRICE A 84 F Night Gowns (L); Throw/Blanket CLAIMED
32 Caideia B. 82 F Night Gowns (L); Fleece Throw/Blanket; Braille Beeper Sound tracker
33 Reva C. 88 F Night Gowns (M); House Slippers (L); Socks
34 MARGARET B 78 F Personal Care Items (Lotion, Deodorant, Soap); Sweat Pants (M); Socks CLAIMED
35 VELMA H 72 F Socks (M 8 or 9); Blanket CLAIMED
36 Betty W 66 F Coat (M); Robe (M)
37 JOHNATHAN S 91 M Blanket; Socks (10/11); Towels CLAIMED
38 Martha A 88 F House Slippers (8); Blanket; Coat (M)
39 Mary J 86 F Coat (M); Heated Blanket; Socks (8)
40 Earnest B 66 M Blanket; House Slippers (10); Towels; Soaps; Socks; Scarf; Gloves
41 Catherine G 85 F Blankets; Socks; Shoes (6); Scarves; Hats
42 Catherine R 73 F Blankets; Socks (9); Robe (L); Soaps; Towels
43 Chassity C 57 F Prepaid Phone; Winter Coat (XL); Winter Clothes (XL); Boots (9)
44 John S 72 M TV; Warm Clothes (XL); Throw/Blanket
45 LORENE F 94 F Lounge Clothes (M); Adult Diapers (M/L) CLAIMED
46 MILDRED G 74 F Warm Clothes (S); Socks (8/9) CLAIMED
47 Joe T 69 M Throw; Men’s Cologne; Lounge Clothes (L)
48 William M 79 M Throw/Men’s Cologne; Lounge Clothes (L)
49 Elizabeth G 70 F Sweater (3x); Hat; House Shoes (10); Robe Size (3x)
50 Timothy P. 53 M Alexa; Warm Socks; Blanket
51 Dorothy E. 75 F Laundry Basket (On Wheels); Warm Night Gowns
52 Terry C. 44 M Phone; Electric Kettle
53 Mary S. 91 F Vacuum; Adult Diapers; Wash Cloths
54 ALICE M 65 F Warm Socks; Night Gowns; Blanket CLAIMED
55 ANNA B 83 F Blanket; Warm Socks; Night Gown CLAIMED
56 INEZ K 80 F Warm Socks; Blanket; Cat Toys CLAIMED
57 Larry R. 63 M T-Shirts (L); Sweat Pants
58 Robert R. 64 M T-Shirts (L); Socks; Blanket
59 MARIAH J 25 F Robe (M); Socks; Scarf CLAIMED
60 Linda B. 72 F Robe (L); Coffee Mug; Lotion
61 EESSIE E 93 F Robe (L); Coffee Mug; Socks (M) CLAIMED
62 JANICE W 63 F Blouse (L); Blanket; Socks; Coffee Mug CLAIMED
63 Brenda J. 70 F Air Fryer; Laundry Bag; Paper Towels
64 Richard B 81 M Socks; Blanket; Hygiene Kit CLAIMED
65 Deborah L 63 F Portable Radio; Blanket
66 B B 80 F Pajama Set (XL); Blanket
67 Walter Y 81 M Hygiene Items; Warm Socks CLAIMED
68 FRANCES A 88 F Art Supplies; Coloring Book; Blanket CLAIMED
69 Chester J 70 M Pajama Set (XL); Blanket; Socks
70 FLORIA B 65 F Pajama Set (XL); Blanket; Coat (XL) CLAIMED
71 Mary G 55 F Pajama Set (L); Blanket; Socks; Hygiene Items
72 Peggy L. 80 F Bed Pads; Adult Briefs (L)
73 DOTTIE W 75 F Blanket; Socks; Hygiene Kit CLAIMED
74 DAMARIAS C 45 F Blanket; Socks (Slip-Resistant) CLAIMED
75 Lydia C 90 F Blanket; Socks CLAIMED
76 Bobby L 65 M Hygiene Kit; Pajamas (2XL)
77 Carolyn M 72 F Anything Cat Related (Blanket; Coffee Mug; etc)
78 Mona T 52 F Stuffed Animals; Soft Blankets CLAIMED
79 Nancy D 82 F Socks; Pants (S); Shirts (S); Blankets; Coat (M)
80 Cheryl L 44 F Stuffed Animals; Michael Jackson music CLAIMED
81 Betty R 92 M Socks; Pants (XS or S); Shirts (XS or S) CLAIMED
82 Mary M 75 F Anything Dog Related (Blanket; Coffee Mug; Stuffed Animal; etc)
83 Rosalei N 86 F Blankets; Bed Pads; Picture Books
84 Terry H 59 M Men’s Clothing (XL); Blanket
85 Candy L 65 F Coat (M); Warm Pajama Pants; Kitchenware
86 Mary S 65 F Blanket; Socks; Dog Items
87 Billy M 55 M Blanket; Socks; Male Hygiene Kit
88 Mary J 72 F Bed Pads; Adult Briefs (L)
89 Oprenie J 78 F Blanket; Socks; Pajamas
90 AMY B 45 F Blanket; Socks; Necklace CLAIMED
91 Doc L 60 M Electric Blanket; Coat (4X)
92 OPHELIA L 94 F Bed Pads; Adult Briefs (L) CLAIMED
93 Louella R 82 F Blanket; Pajamas (L); Necklace; Earrings
94 ANNIE M 82 F Bed Pads; Adult Briefs (L)  CLAIMED
95 James B 71 M Coat (L); Blanket; Male Hygiene Kit
96 SHIRLEY M 86 F Neck Pillow; Thick/Warm Blankets (2) CLAIMED
97 BETTY R 71 F Set of Sheets (Q) CLAIMED
98 ROBERT W 69 M Round Neck T-Shirts (L – 2Packs); Pants (Khaki 34×29)
99 VELREL F 82 F Fleece Jacket (M); Warm Knit Caps (2)
100 Ruble H 74 male T-Shirts (3x); Bed Linens (Twin); Can Opener for One-Handed Person